Everything I Touch Turns To Cold


The Big Four - Master Post of old drawings and doodles

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' White lips, pale face, breathing in the snowflakes ❄ '

{ Jackunzel lovechild }


Does anyone else think that 15 year old Josh Hutcherson looks like Hiccup from How to train your dragon?

Have a holly jolly Christmas from the big four!! (Feel free to use as icons, you guys!)


Like c’mon people, include Epic with RotBTG and Frozen! That was a REALLY cute/fun movie and the characters actually fit well with RotBTG and Frozen. I, for one, kind of want MK and Nod to meet the rest of them!


I just thought this might be cute Jackunzel concept. 。◕‿◕。 Even though Jack is probably cold all the time and it doesn’t bother him one bit, because he’s the winter spirit, I like to imagine he’d still take this opportunity. It’s a good way to keep her close and she probably makes him feel warm on the inside just by her presence. (◕‿◕✿)

Rapunzel’s hair is easily long enough to wear as a scarf. Hiccup and Merida could join in and would still have enough hair to hide under. I decided to keep this one focused on Punzie and Jack though. ;)


Mericcup Week: Day 6 - Fallback

No matter what happens, Hiccup and Merida always find each other in the end.

Toothiana + Hiccup


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Thank you all so much, I don’t deserve all of you, all you wonderful people.. So in gratitude, I decided to post the whole thing… And as I promised.. The plot

My original title for the fanfiction of his was Rise of the Protectors: North’s Apprentice

So every once in a long while, The Man in the Moon recruits an Apprentice, in equal there are suppose to be Four, one for each guardian. Basically, the role of the apprentices are to take over when the Guardians are at their downfall, in other words, when something very terrible has befallen upon them, it is The Apprentices’ job to protect the dreams of children from the Nightmares, kind of like knights if you think about it.. Except in a higher rank.

So I have mentioned in the earlier photos why I chose Hiccup and Tooth (least violent and lack of weaponry but great personas)and Punz and Sandy… Now you’ll know why i chose mer and Bunny and jack and north

Honestly, i think Mer and Bunny are the badasses among the group. They’re both brave and smart, and they have badass weapons, man… And they can pull off that shiitake. Well you get it.

Last but not the least, North and Jack. Well, there’s the fact that they both have some involvement with winter elements, both have one ideal weapon (Man in Moon’s sword for north, staff for Jack) and they’re both so generous and…. Bith are very high-spirited and just.. So fun. They really add a cool spin to the original characters, ya know?

I wanted to do this fanfic on wattpad, but I eventually stopped because I never get to finish my fanfics, out of 10+ fanfics, I only got to finish 1 and it was on paper xD

So enjoy this pic and sorry for the long desc.

Next up.. The Big Four in Halloween costumes ;)


Attack of the killer bunny! Haha, this is just a really quick edit I made xD I hope you guys enjoy it :3